Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pink Nokia Lumia 900 On July 15

Pink Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the most popular Windows Phone available in the market. It is the only Windows Phone that supports LTE. If you don’t like the taste of having a black, white and cyan color, you don’t need to be disappointed. AT&T announced that they will be releasing a Pink Nokia Lumia 900 on July 15. AT&T is now accepting pre-orders for this edition. It will start at $99 with a 2 year contract. According to the survey made by Nielsen web, almost 96% of the Windows phone users are extremely satisfied not only with the design but also to the features it has. The Net Promoter Survey showed that more than 90% respondents believed that Nokia Lumia 900 has higher quality than other mobile phones. It also obtained a gold reward at the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards.

The paint is not only used on the outer covering and the handset is made from polycarbonate. Thus, scratches will not easily damage its picturesque color pink. This Pink Nokia Lumia 900 is perfect for couple since pink is a light red that signifies romance and love. Psychologically, the color pink will give you a calm effect. The Pink Edition is not only perfect for girls but also for guys. This will also be a great phone for summer!

Nokia Lumia 900 is an AMOLED capacitive with a 4.3 inches touchscreen. It runs Windows Phone 7.5 with 1.4 GHz processor. It can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 however, it can be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8. It’s camera features 8 MP, and Carl Zeiss optics. The Carl Zeiss lenses are widely used in SLR, Nokia, Sony and Logitech. The standby mode of this phone can last up to 300 hours.


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